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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives worldwide by providing vaccines and therapies preventing or treating some of the world's most challenging cancers and infectious diseases, improving shareholder/stakeholder value and providing motivating career opportunities for our team.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a sustainable, profitable growth-oriented developer of therapies and vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases, recognized as a key contributor to improving options available to patients worldwide within our areas of focus. We also envision GeoVax as a preferred career-development organization to which highly innovative, competitive individuals aspire to develop careers.


Our Values

Although we may derive from various backgrounds, cultures and experiences, we all share a common set of values that guide how we approach and conduct the business operations at GeoVax:

  • Integrity – Gaining and maintaining the highest level of trust and integrity among our shareholders and stakeholders (patients, public health, regulatory authorities, etc.) is paramount to all of us at GeoVax.
  • Quality – Ensuring that we conduct our business, in all manners, following the principle of ”Right-First-Time”, defines how we approach our jobs, shareholder and stakeholder relationships and all activities related to GeoVax.
  • Leadership – We believe in “leadership through service”, where we all strive to serve and support our colleagues and external relationships in a manner towards achieving innovative success and progress related to GeoVax.
  • Competitiveness – We recognize that we have outstanding competitors and, that innovation is always occurring, requiring us to continually consider and address the competitive challenges to maintain success and sustainability.
  • Focus – In order to achieve our vision, we must focus on those areas in which we can achieve and be recognized as leadership positions in addressing targeted medical areas.
  • Adaptability – “Change is constant and always increasing”. Therefore, we must continuously adapt to new science, technologies, healthcare policies and other critical factors impacting the success parameters of staff resourcing, development, commercialization, manufacturing and administration of critically needed therapies and vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases.


Our Strategic Imperatives

At GeoVax, we are guided by the following strategic imperatives as we develop and grow our Company:

  • Innovate – Pursuing the development of unique, patented products addressing unmet medical needs
  • Differentiate – Targeting populations underserved by existing products/standard of care
  • Accelerate – Focused on expedited registration pathways
  • Collaborate – Achieve worldwide distribution via business collaborations

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